Type: normal

A gold brown and black ball python.

The normal looking ball python has been a staple of the pet trade for years. Unfortunately for years they have also perished. Ball pythons are imported into the United States every year by the tens of thousands. By the time many of them reach the consumer they are malnourished and dehydrated. There are a few that will survive and become someone's beloved pet. As the interest in ball python has increased over the past several years so has the availability of captive bred ball pythons. Many breeders now offer true captive bred ball pythons instead of captive hatched. Many of these will already be feeding on pre-killed mice and will have the distinct advantage of being well established hatchings. Ball pythons can live for over 40 years in captivity if properly cared for. They make wonderful pets and provide an alternative for those that have allergies or are limited on what they can keep due to their housing. The term "normal" is used to describe a ball python that does not carry any known genetics for a trait and has the visual appearance of a normally colored ball python. In genetics instead of the term normal, the term "wild type" is used to denote the normal appearance of an animal.



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