Type: dominant

Thin black/brown surrounding by a yellow gold coloring with white and orange scales on the sides coming up from the belly.

A few years ago the spider ball python exploded upon the scene. With its completely new and unusual look it quickly caught on and became a popular morph. Spider ball pythons are a dominant morph. There appears to be no visual difference between a homozygous spider ball python and a heterozygous spider ball python. As spider ball pythons have been produced by more and more individuals their availability has increased. There have been several new and beautiful ball python morphs created by using the spider ball python. These include the albino spider ball python, hypomelanistic spider ball python, bumble bee, (pastel jungle spider), and the killer bee, (super pastel jungle spider). These are only a few of the dozens of possible combinations that can be produced using a spider ball python. As the years go by there will most likely be more interesting morph combinations made using the dominant/codominant ball pythons with a simple recessive ball python than there will be using a simple recessive ball python cross a simple recessive ball python. When a dominant or codominant gene is used it greatly reduces the amount of time needed to produce a new looking ball python.



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