Type: recessive

An aberrantly patterned ball python with varying amounts of pure white present on any part of the body.

The piebald ball python is truly unique in the snake world. We know of no other morph of snake that is as distinctive as the piebald ball python. This particular mutation produces some of the most visually stunning ball pythons that have ever been seen. From piebald ball pythons that may have as little as 15% white to ball pythons that may be as much as 90% white. Another characteristic of the piebald is the "double stripe" that will appear in areas along the dorsal surface of the piebald ball python. The areas of white are often bordered by an intense orange wash in hatchling piebald ball pythons. This orange area turns brown as the piebald ball python matures. The white areas on hatchlings often have a pink hue until after a few sheds. The white is not a creamy white, but a true white. Occasionally a black scale or two may appear in the white area. Piebald ball pythons also have infinite combination possibilities. Consider a pastel jungle piebald or a genetic striped piebald. These and other piebald combinations will sure to be making their debuts in the next few years!



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