Type: designer

A white snake with extremely pale side markings and brilliant red eyes.

Since the albino and the axanthic ball pythons were the first two color morphs to be reproduced in captivity it stands to reason that the snow ball python would be the first double simple recessive ball python to be produced. This tremendous event took place in 2001. That year a Snake Keeper snow ball was produced and a Joliff snow ball. Since that time several more Joliff line snows have hatched along with a VPI line snow. The snow ball python is in a class by itself when compared to snows of other species. The pattern is only faintly visible on adults and in some hatchling snows, the pattern is completely absent. As more snows are produced it is anticipated that they will only continue to get better and better as they are selectively bred through several generations. The snow ball is a wonderful project that took years to develop and it has definitely produced a unique ball python!



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