Pastel Jungle

Type: co-dominant

Pastel Jungles are black or dark brown with bright yellow-orange coloring on their sides. Many have highlights or faded areas in the dark pigment.

The Pastel Jungle was the first of the dominant/codominant ball pythons to be reproduced in captivity. As hatchlings pastel jungle ball pythons exhibit light "pastel like" coloring. As they age their coloring intensifies. The pastel jungle has become a staple of ball python collections around the country, like the albino. The pastel jungle is a great morph to buy if you are just getting into ball pythons. You can use pastel jungles as a ?stepping stone? project to reach your goals of obtaining other morphs in the future. The pastel jungle has the potential to be one of the major foundation ball pythons used to create many other new and outrageous looking ball pythons. We should not leave out the fact that you need a pair of these to produce Super Pastel Jungles! Although the price of pastels has come down the demand for them has remained constant and has even increased. You can not have enough female pastels as many breeders are now discovering. Look for pastel jungle ball pythons to continue to increase in color and breeding potential.



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