Type: recessive

A golden brown backed ball python with a very unique head and side pattern.

The clown ball python is both a color and pattern mutation. Clown ball pythons lack almost all of the normal markings found running down the back of a ball python. The absence of these markings gives the clown the appearance of having a dark colored vertebral stripe. Clowns also have distinct markings on the top of the head and around the eyes. There is also little or no black tipping on any of the scales on clown ball pythons. As hatchlings clown ball pythons are dark brown and yellow. As they age their color begins to change. When the clown approaches adulthood an extraordinary event begins to take place, the melanin begins to disappear! The end result is a ball python that is two different shades of tan! Since the clown is both a pattern and color mutation there will be some very interesting combinations that will be able to be created using this ball python.



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