Xanthic Albino

Type: recessive

Xanthic albinos are beautiful shades of yellow-orange with lavender under tones.

The xanthic albino was also one of the first of the morphs to be reproduced in captivity. Xanthic albinos are also known as Tyrosinase positive albinos. Tyrosinase is used in the synthesis of melanin. In xanthic albinos that process has been interrupted. It is not unusual though to find the occasional individual with scattered black scales. In these individuals some of the cells have regained their ability to synthesize melanin. Xanthic albinos have deep red pupils and a yellow "wash" that covers the entire dorsal surface of the snake. Xanthic albinos are truely wonderful to behold. At this time there are very limited numbers of them produced each year. The handful that are produced of this morph sell quickly and it has held it\'s value over the years. This morph is a must for the serious ball python collector. The possible combinations with this mutation to produce other outstanding looking ball pythons is endless!



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