Super Pastel Jungle

Type: designer

A bright yellow-orange ball python with reduced black-brown and bright highlights.

The Super Pastel Jungle is just what its name implies "Super"! A Super Pastel is the homozygous form of the pastel jungle. When a super pastel jungle is bred to a "Wild Type", or normal ball python, you will produce all pastel jungles. The same holds true when it is bred to a simple recessive trait. You will hatch pastel jungles heterozygous for whatever the trait is that you bred the super pastel jungle with, pastel jungles heterozygous for albino. The colors in a super pastel jungle are much more vibrant. The yellow is really bright and clean. The browns have wonderful faded through areas that we call ?highlights?. The head is very light and faded through. As more super pastel jungles are produced the coloring on them will only improve and become more outstanding. The super pastel jungle is one the best investments you can make right now if you are serious about investing in ball pythons. Only a small number have been produced in the last few years. Many breeders have used their female pastel jungles in other projects to produce double heterozygous ball pythons. This has reduced the number of super pastel jungles available. Super pastel jungles have tremendous potential in the creation of new ball python morphs.



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