Type: co-dominant

A white ball python with a yellow vertebral stripe bordered by lavender with scattered yellow-orange scales.

Hatched in 2003 the Ivory ball python is truly something new, not only for us, but for the ball python community! Two snakes were bred together that were similar looking. We had hoped to hatch out something similar to the adults. When it was time for the clutch to hatch we were getting ready to go out of town, so we decided to open the eggs and take a look, boy were we surprised! There were two white looking snakes in the clutch! The yellow stripe was very noticeable as was the lavender coloring bordering the stripe. Once they were out we discovered that they were both males! In a way the coloring of the snake itself is something of a paradox. It has many qualities that are reminiscent of a lavender albino, but the eyes appear to be a dark blue with a deep red pupil. As they have grown they have acquired more yellow/orange coloring on the dorsal surface of the snake. More lavender has also appeared. We are very excited about this remarkable ball python and feel that it has great potential to be combined with other color mutations. We will be offering heterozygous Ivory ball pythons in 2004 and possible some homozygous Irvory ball pythons. Please let us know early if you will be interested in this project.



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