Hypo Mojave

Type: designer

A hypomelanistic Mojave ball python. Same pattern as a Mojave just lighter.

Hypomelanistic Mojave ball pythons were first produced here in 2003. At this time it was one of a few morphs that had been created by combing a dominant/codominant gene with a simple recessive gene. The results in all of these crosses have been spectacular to say the least! Naturally we are partial to the hypo Mojave. In 2001 we bred are extreme hypo, don?t know what else to call her she is not like any other we have seen, with our Mojave male. It was her first year to produce and she laid 8 eggs. We kept four of the hatchlings, 2.1 Mojave heterozygous hypos and 0.1 heterozygous hypo. In 2003 we bred her son back to her and she laid nine eggs. Of those nine eggs only one was not at least a Mojave. There were four hypo Mojaves and four Mojave heterozygous hypos in the clutch along with one heterozygous hypo. We were not expecting such fantastic odds! We are also very excited about how outrageous the hypo Mojave looks. They are really amazing and in true Mojave fashion they have also been very strong feeders and are growing rapidly.



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