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Ball Pythons

Natural History

ball python

Ball pythons are native to Africa, primarily west and central Africa. Here in the countries where they live they can be found in grasslands and savannahs. In these places their homes would most often be rodent burrows. The average temperature in the areas where ball pythons are found can be as high as 85 degrees. Humidity even in the dry season may range as high as 80%.

Ball pythons are still imported into the United States, but the numbers are beginning to decrease due to the large amount of captive breeding of this species that occurs here.

Ball pythons are one of the most popular of the python species kept in captivity today. This is due to their relatively small size, calm nature and astonishing color variety. There are well over 100 different color and pattern mutations of the ball python and more are produced each year. With such a tremendous variety of colors and patterns there is just about something for everyone!