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ball python green tree boa constrictor snake photo

When you buy from TSK

When you buy from us you are getting more than just a great snake. From initial contact you will feel like you are making the right choice to invest in our snakes. We have many of the designer morphs for you to choose from. We can help you decide which one would best fit your goals and budget. We will spend the time required to insure that you are comfortable with your purchase and that you have the tools to make the best of your purchase.

Here is what you get from us:

  • ball python An investment quality snake.
  • Detailed records of each snake you purchase. Including hatch date, hatch weights, sheddings, feedings & genealogy. We also keep a picture ID of your snake on file (read more on about our SnakeKeeper tracking and identification system).
  • TSK Inc. will provide you with a receipt with your purchase price and a unique ID for each snake.
  • We also offer you online & telephone support.
  • Once you buy a snake from us we continue to feed it as if it were our own until shipping. Your snake will get fed waiting for payment and shipping arraignments as if it was our own.
  • We offer you all the knowledge we have gained over the years to assist you in your venture.
  • Before, during and after the sale we are here to assist you.

We want you to be successful and return again in the future. Let us help guide you and offer any assistance we can, just give us a call and we would more than happy to help you.